podcast 4: a story I carry

Hey, there, it’s Eve.

This story took a lot for me to tell. I struggled with it for a long while. I worried that other people would be triggered by it. I worried that some people would be offended. I worried that the message of @thosewecarry would be lost.

I tried to tell a different story.

But it wouldn’t let go of me. I feel…I’ve been telling everyone to be brave, to be kind, to embrace their fears and vulnerability. That there’s strength in it. I can’t keep saying that with nothing to back it up. I felt that people deserve to know why I’m so adamant about it.

You deserve to know why and how I know.

So now I’m sharing it with you. I want to warn you, this is hard stuff. If you can’t or don’t want to listen, don’t. I won’t judge you for that. Only you know what you can bear.

Trigger warnings for child sexual abuse, self-harm, suicide.


In the US: RAINN

In the UK: Safeline and Mind

In Australia: Blueknot and Braveheart

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Author: Mitochondrial Eve

CCRN-CMC/CSC I know less than half as much as I'd like to, and say more than half as much as I should.

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