podcast 2: how we care for each other

Hello there, Eve again. For my second podcast I decided to release a poem I wrote on the same theme, of caring for each other.

Resilience is now a buzzword in healthcare. It carries the idea of self-reliance on its shoulders, once again placing the full burden as a caregiver for others and a caregiver for self upon the person who is already carrying too much.

The song “Found / Tonight” with Ben Platt and Lin-Manuel Miranda: “Have you ever felt like you could disappear, like you could fall and no one would hear?” is playing as I write these words. “Even when the dark comes crashing through, and you’re broken on the ground, you will be found.” We carry each other. No one should walk this road alone.

Any “wellness package” for healthcare providers that doesn’t encourage and foster community is something either worthless or less than worthless. The idea that we can and should carry the weight alone is…it’s shameful.

Here is my story of how a small group of people cared for me when I was in crisis–how they insisted I needed help, and they provided it.

Blog post for the first podcast is here.

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Author: Mitochondrial Eve

CCRN-CMC/CSC I know less than half as much as I'd like to, and say more than half as much as I should.

2 thoughts on “podcast 2: how we care for each other”

  1. Nice one again! And it underscores, IMO, the fallacy that “the system” can somehow be manipulated to make life better for front line health care professionals. Among the more ridiculous things I’ve seen is mandatory meditation classes for medical students…”you’re going to sit there and breathe with your eyes closed until you’re resilient, damn it!”.

    Whether between doctor and nurse, nurse and nurse, nurse and patient, etc., how we get by with each other will always boil down to basic decency with a modicum of humility. In health care there’s never more than a fleeing instant of pleasure or glory before the next person needs your comfort and your help. We’re all in together.

    Keep it up!

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